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Masturbation: Healthy Or Unhealthy?

You must be thinking how silly is the topic! How can masturbation be unhealthy to health? True, but are you very sure?

Masturbation, no doubt is one of the best ways to understand and fulfill the needs; but my question will still, remain the same for you, it is healthy or unhealthy?

Masturbation - Healthy Or Unhealthy

While you keep guessing and search for answers, let me give you some information on both. Yes, masturbation can be unhealthy too, at times. How? We will come back to that question a bit later. First, let’s see the healthy side.


Masturbation has become quite common nowadays amongst the new and older generations. While some tries to understand their needs, some find it relaxing and soothing.

It is a self-satisfying technique, sexually to reach a point to ejaculate. This can help improve your neurotransmitters, sleep and relieve stress.

The solo play can be beneficial at times, let’s take a look at the various advantages of the same.

Masturbation Benefits

Spending quality time alone can be healthy; especially when you are getting arouse and enjoying your own company. Although the results are most satisfying, the quickie in the bathroom might not you will be looking.

So enjoy your ‘me time’ to enhance and boost your sexual health. The below ones are the advantages that masturbation can give you:

Enhances Mood

What can be the best thing than turning off the lights with most erotic video and full volume? This can’t get better than this, right? Yes! Set the mood and tease your self.

Of course, play with your boy too, because he is the one to take you to ecstasy.

Builds Desires

The best way to bring a smile on your face is by hitting the bull’s eye! Tried various ways to masturbate and enjoy the paramount of joy? Boy! You are on the right track! This is because of the rise in desires, building inside you to try various positions and techniques.

Masturbation Motivates Sexual Desires

Boosts Performance

Well, playing with your penis can help you keep longer in the bed with your partner. In this way, you tend to delay your quick ejaculation and play with your partner more. Also, it helps you perform harder in various positions, and you know the reason!

Lowers Stress

Few people believe masturbation to be one of the effective ways to relieve stress. According to me, they are right! Playing with the boy can enhance the neurotransmitters that lower stress and anxieties.

Apart from these effective and satisfying benefits, there are other benefits as well, such as:

  • Combat Sexual Problems
  • Motivates Good Sleep
  • Prevents Prostate Cancer
  • Enhances Relationships
  • Boosts Sexual Confidence

These are some of the most found benefits of masturbation. However, my question is still on that point, is it unhealthy?

Is Masturbation Unhealthy?

No, it is not! There are no researches that found masturbation unhealthy or unsafe. But, excessive and aggressive ejaculation can be harmful.

Some health experts believe continuous ejaculation can cause some side-effects. Yes, you heard that right!

Indeed, you must have not listened to these things or notice, if you are masturbating excessively!

Hair Loss

Yes! Hair loss is the common phenomenon noticed in men. Men can be impatient to control desires and thoughts, leading to play excessively. This results in losing some of your healthy hairs and greying too! So make sure you don’t over masturbation to satisfy yourself.

Hair Loss Is The Common Symptom Of Excess Masturbation

Weight Loss

Confused? Allow me to clear your doubt. Masturbation is like exercising, so every time to do, you workout. And, workout shreds some calories and weight! Ejaculating now and then can reduce your weight.

Premature Ejaculation

This can be the major problem amongst the younger generation, nowadays. Excessive orgasms can lower the strength and powers of a penis that makes him weak and ejaculate early. Premature Ejaculation can ruin the sexual intercourse and relationship.

Penis Injuries

Who said your boneless friend couldn’t get injured? Yes, it can, and it can get worst too! Playing continuously can lower the energies, as discussed earlier, but can also cause testicular pain. Squeezing the penis during orgasms can block the semen flow, thus damaging the blood vessels and nerves of the penis.

Overall Weakness

Excess ejaculation might satisfy your desires but can exhaust you completely. I guess many times you must have experienced the weakness or unexpected laziness. This can be really a major concern as it lowers your energy levels and stamina.

Excess Masturbation Lowers The Body Energy

These are some of the things you might notice if someone is excessively playing with the penis. So what do you think now, masturbation is healthy or no? Do you want to know my take on this?

My Take

After looking both the sides properly, I feel masturbating healthily can be good and beneficial. However, excess ejaculation can cause some of the things mentioned above.

I understand, it is tough to control the situation and you have to take things in hand; but breathe and find ways to maintain peace than taking things in hand.

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