Is Penis Growth Possible After Puberty? How?

I guess most men who are reading this article desire to increase their penis size. And why not? Every man wishes have a big penis like the ones they see in visuals or the one their partner desire.

Is Penis Growth Possible After Puberty

Some men believe it boosts the sexual confidence and performance, while others think in impressing their partners. So is bigger and thicker penis arousing your partner the most?

After reading articles on men’s sexual health and desires, I believe, penis size does not matter unless you are happy. Moreover, you perform brilliantly and energetically.

Honestly, sex is not about size but the performance, the passion, and the eroticism; however, a bigger penis is way more satisfying and boosting.

So before we look at multiple ways that can increase size, let’s see why you should have a bigger penis?

Why You Want A Bigger Penis?

Scientifically, when a guy passes his puberty stage, there are very rare cases of body development. This includes body growth, height, sexual organ growth, and development.

While there are positive cases of growth and development of penises after puberty, why you want a bigger penis?

The answer is to enhance your sexual intercourse to boost performance while keeping your partner happy. This is the reason why you need a bigger penis! Although shorter penis is also satisfying but not as good as bigger ones.

So, let’s take a look on how you can manage to increase some inches after hitting the puberty.

How To Increase The Penis Size After Puberty?

Okay, firstly, let me tell you that it can be time-consuming for someone of you. So, maintain peace and patience. This is because every man’s body has a different way of working, which makes the techniques work accordingly.

However, before we look at what you desire, do you know some of the habits might reduce the penis size?

Yes, you read that right! This is because of the reduction in testosterone, a male sex hormone that keeps a healthy sexual fitness.

The list below are the reasons for the reduction in testosterone, resulting in shortening penis size:

  • Excess Alcohol
  • Poor Physical Fitness
  • Smoking
  • Medication
  • Drug Overdose
  • Unhealthy Diet

These are some of the convincing yet harmful reasons behind lowering the natural penis size. Also, it can reduce testosterone levels and production, resulting in poor sexual health.

So you intend to increase the inches of your friend? Let’s see how!


The treatment and surgeries have become common nowadays as most men are trying for quick results. According to sex experts, there are two penis enlargement surgeries, The Penis Widening, and The Penis Lengthening.

But, according to the sources these surgeries are not so effective to give appropriate results. Also, it can be excruciating and full of side-effects on health and genitals.

Such penis enlargement surgeries and treatments can make the penis lumpy, bumpy and uneven. Moreover, it can also damage the elastic tissues of the penis, making it difficult to get an erection.

Penis Surgery


According to the sources, some men believe in treating Erectile Dysfunction with such penis pumps. Typically, these penis pumps can circulate blood flow to the penile chambers, leading penis stay erect.

However, some men believe these pumps may not be effective and safe for the penis. The results shown are temporary and not permanent. Also, sometimes it causes adverse effects on the penis.

As to side-effects, the penis might like sore and less sensitive. Also, excess pumping can cause penile infection or worst, nerve damage.

Penis Traction Device

This device reportedly is a celebrated device due to its effects on Peyronie’s Disease. Although the makers claim the device to be effective and gentle, it stretches the penis and can be irritating.

Ideally, the device stretches the penile soft tissues to increase and motivates new soft tissues regeneration.

No doubt, it can give results, according to your preferences but it can sore the penis head and irritation. So make sure the users don’t overuse this device as it can affect the penis negatively.

Pills And Supplements

The new in the market, male enhancement products can help increase the size while improving the overall sexual health. Comparatively, such products are lesser expensive, cause no pain and side-effects.

Yes! You heard that right! However, it can be beneficial if you use products that have natural ingredients.

The organic components used in such male enhancement products can help increase testosterone. The rise in testosterone production can help increase the size of the penis. Also, it can improve the performance and libido, keeping the sex life fit.

So try using such supplements to improve your overall and sexual health.

Use Pills And Supplements To Increase Penis Size Naturally

Bottom Line

These are some of the ways that can help an individual to increase his penis size. However, also there is one such effective way to increase your penis size. Chop off pubic hairs near your guy.

Yes, you heard that right! Shaving the pubic hairs can help the penis to show its real size. So you can try that if you want or else you have various techniques above. Try them and see the results, or better use Male Enhancement Pills to see effective results.

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